Mentoring Program

All Out Lacrosse Mentoring Program

What is it?

The All Out Mentoring Lacrosse Program is an outreach program available to those lacrosse players interested in taking their games to the collegiate level. We understand lacrosse recruiting can be intimidating, and that is where we can help. As living testaments to achieving such goals, our mentors will provide first hand experiences while guiding your son or daughter through the college recruiting process.

What does it mean to be a mentee?

As a mentee, you will be able to ask questions and receive advice from someone who has “been there, done that.” As the game of lacrosse grows, the recruiting process has changed greatly. There are more and more colleges every year offering lacrosse programs at all levels of play. All Out mentors will guide each mentee through a recruiting process appropriate to their abilities. If you want to play in college we will help you find the appropriate fit both academically and athletically.

What you can expect from us?

As if we were playing and/or coaching, we will go All Out for you. We will use our knowledge and experience to coach you towards achieving your goals. We want to help every athlete achieve their objectives within the sport of lacrosse. There will be multiple meetings to discuss appropriate schools. We will prepare you for potential questions coaches may ask when they call to talk with you and how to respond.

All Out will also provide necessary contact information, and create training/workout regimens for you and a recruiting packet for college coaches. We will go All Out to successfully coach you through the process of finding the ideal college lacrosse and academic experience.


Each All Out coach will provide the following:

- Meet with player, once every 2-4 weeks (age dependent) – 30 minutes per meeting

- Training regimen/monthly workout program

- NCAA Regulations and Registering with NCAA Clearinghouse for eligibility

- Guide player (and parents) in evaluating college opportunities

- Focus on colleges of interest and best overall fit

- Advise and guide on video for college coaches

- Provide letters of introduction, high school resume, etc.


Cost: $100/mo

For further information please fill out a inquiry form or contact us at

To see the list of players All Out coaches have helped coached and mentored click here to be directed to the All Out Alumni page!